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DJJ has worked with clients in almost every industry. Big or small, we can provide complete management consulting services for businesses and non-profit organizations, including providing public relations management, digital marketing, access to capital, profit maximization skills, and payment processing.

Industrial Manufacturing

DJJ teams up with industrial manufacturers. These are companies that fabricate goods from raw materials for industrial use. These are also businesses that install and repair machinery used by other contractors.

Retail & Consumer

We have completed many projects with retail and consumer-facing operations. These are stores who sell to the end-user. This could be clothing stores, restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, and even authors, media companies, and non-profits.

Financial Services

Decades of experience precede us in the financial world. We have had success with banks, financial consulting businesses, and other institutions working in this sector. Whether you need help with brand management or creating efficient processes for your financial business, DJJ is here for you.

Government & Public Services

For years DJJ has worked with government agencies, charities, schools, hospitals, airports, you name it. We are masters at evolving a brand and creating awareness from the public. Business communications are very important when speaking about these types of companies.

Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services run the gamut, offering payment processing options, cost management services, profit maximization, digital marketing strategy, and even processes and reporting that will measure the success of your business or non-profit.

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Events Production and Management

From selecting the perfect venue to advertising an event, DJJ will capture your vision and produce the best event imaginable. We have experience producing and managing book signings, podcast launches, charity functions, corporate parties, and much, much more.

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Public Relations

DJJ will expand your brand recognition in the market. We are very good at getting your message out to the public. Other services we offer include marketing strategy and implementation, reputation management, and press conferences and press releases.

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Employee Retention Credit

Currently the government is offering an Employee Retention Credit for qualified businesses. DJJ will use our accountants to decipher whether or not you qualify, and we will file for the credit. You could receive tens of thousands of dollars in assistance.

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Business Plan Development

Need help figuring out your mission statement or five-year plan? DJJ are experts at helping to provide clarity about your corporate journey. We can help with budgets, operations planning, employee training, and the creation of processes and reporting to measure company and employee success.

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Access to Capital

Whether you need grant funding or a business loan, DJJ can assist you in securing much needed capital. We can help you shop the best interest rates and even uncover government funding and assistance that is available.

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What makes us different


Knowledge & Experience

DJJ LLC has had the opportunity since 1998 to have produced over 1,000 events locally and nationally.


Detail Oriented Skills

DJJ LLC has an earned reputation for excellence, effective collaboration with clients and believes that all clients (big or small) deserve top notch service.


Strong Relationships

DJJ LLC has a broad array of local partners that he works with to facilitate projects in the Management Consulting & Event Management space.

David Jones

Founder & CEO

In his career, David Jones had the opportunity to work in; the Federal Government as an Auditor (GAO)and Immigration Officer (DOJ), the municipal sector as a Policy Analyst (Office of Mayor – San Jose, California), the private sector as a Managing Director, Program Director, Sales Manager and Trainer. 

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